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We don't build brands, we help to define them.

The "Jamaican Patty is a semicircular pastry that contains various fillings and spices baked inside a flaky shell, often tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture or turmeric.[1] It is made like a turnover as it is formed by folding the circular dough cutout over the chosen filling, but is more savoury and filled with ground meat.[1]

As its name suggests, it is commonly found in Jamaica, and is also eaten in other areas of the Caribbean including the Caribbean coast of NicaraguaPanama and Costa Rica. It is traditionally filled with seasoned ground beef, but fillings can include chickenporklambvegetablesshrimplobsterfishsoyackee, mixed vegetables or cheese. In non-Jamaican-based restaurants, to appeal to certain audiences, the patty's composition may be extended to include low-fat, whole wheat crusts.[2] In Jamaica, the patty is often eaten as a full meal..."

In 1930, Bruce's of Cross Roads and later Goldings on Beeston Street would sell patties all day and late into the night. A company established itself, and what it offered is today a ubiquitous pastry, but back then it was novel and exciting. It was the first Jamaican Patty Company, and it was quite successful. A time not so long ago, well for some it was quite a long time ago... There was a mom-and-pop shop where people would gather and close the week out on a Friday evening with oven-baked goodness and sometimes, a bottle of complimentary champagne, is what was told to me.

As I listened to the children, who are now adults, of the Founders, their parents, tell the story as if it were a fireside chat. The memories, nostalgia, history, and passion were visceral, with one primary question, how to bring Bruce's back and into a contemporary society where several other patty companies now exist on the island? A new era with competition.

We must leverage its historical value and nostalgic moments, but we must also understand that this is a business with products and services that would exist in a saturated space filled with contenders for the number one position, which did not exist before, back in 1930.

Familiarity is good, a company with a product that believe it or not, people immediately recognized Bruce's Patty by simply seeing a photograph that was shared online from a sampling event. This blew me away, that people all the way in the UK and the United States could recognize this pastry without any branding, just by how it was made.

We went to work, defined the mission, and set the objectives, a new name that retains familiarity, and a new identity with a new visual language, new marketing to introduce the rebrand and relaunch of Bruce's. Working alongside other consultants and Bruce's family, we arrived at 'Bruce’s Oven Baked Originals'.

Some companies are so great that their brand lasts forever.

Bruce's closed years ago, but the reputation was still there, a simple soft launch and tasting experience created a buzz, a new audience loved what was offered, and the older audience was excited to have Bruce's patty again.

Our job then, is to simply develop the tools consumers need to identify and hold on to, to emphasize what is already there. We bring definition to the figment, the perception, this helps to create an association that embeds itself into the mind of the consumer.

The brand forms after the experience ends.

Once we developed the logo we followed through we various functional brand assets physical and digital, including packaging design, employee uniforms, corporate branding, and other consumer-facing assets.

What we ended up with is a casual artisan bakery and café specializing in the retail of freshly made, oven-baked products such as our signature Jamaican beef patties. Bruce’s sits between the more traditional full-service restaurants and the typical fast-food establishments seen in Jamaica.

For new generation of customers at QSRs are constantly looking out for new flavors, combination fast food infused with bold flavors, and premium alternatives. Millennials 18-34 years. We identified franchise opportunities in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America, Africa, and 12 parts of the UK. Distribution opportunities across the tourism industry.

With signature Jamaican patties and complimentary products that will satisfy not just palettes and prices, but also the desire to connect with a brand that is indelibly tied to the origins of the Jamaican patty and considers its customers a part of the family when compared to its competitors. In an era of mass-produced delectables such as the Jamaican Beef Patty, the home style/artisan approach is missing.

To be the market leader in the casual artisan restaurant business, by providing high quality oven baked Jamaican products in a creative and
immersive product experience.

The mocked assets below contain the previous iteration of the logo.

bruces patty.png
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