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I ramble, but there are people bold enough to let me do it!

“Tune in to this fascinating episode of The Businessology Show as Phillip takes us on a deep-dive of what a brand truly is and how it reveals value!”
Selling Value →
“In this episode of Nodes of Design, Phillip shared insights on Brand Design and its importance, and how young creative enter into brand design. He also spoke about the various Attributes of Brand Design? And what are the steps involved in designing a brand? In the later part, we spoke about the various parameters to use to measure the success of failure of the brand that you designed.”
Nodes of Design#43: Brand Design by Phillip J. Clayton →
“Guest Podcast: Phillip J. Clayton, A hybrid consultant, focusing on Art & Design, Business, and Marketing. Creative Journey Ep.07 // What is Product Branding and Why is it Essential?”
What is Product Branding →
“Phillip talks through the rise of on-demand features that eliminates TV commercials, AI, the nature of overselling through online ads and the pandemic and all the impacts on the design and creative community.”
Phillip Clayton discusses global trends and its impact on Jamaica's design and creative community.
Brand Development | Philip J. Clayton | Executive Creative Director | No the Name:PJC | S2 Episode 9
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Brand development and marketing are the buzz words in today’s times. The guest we have with us on this episode, calls himself a hybrid consultant and has 15+ years of work experience in the creative industry, advertising, marketing and business with a focus on Brand Design & Development and a foundation in Fine Art.


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