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Art Director - August 2019 to September 2021.

Oversees the work of designers and artists who produce images for television, the overall style or tone desired for each project and the articulation of defined vision to artists and designers: illustrations, animation, graphics, photographs, charts and graphs, or stage and production sets. Project and budget management when necessary.

CVM TV did not have an enormous creative or a defined creative department, but I engaged the team I found there with the aim to elevate the screen and garner brand value through bold representation and visual content through television and online.

I explain a bit on my approach in this article:

"While I maintain the expected deliverables, I am developing ideas for change, restructuring, and transformation, whether I remain or leave, my impact must be meaningful and valuable. I am truly there to help while ultimately gaining valuable for myself to take with me on my next journey. We can’t enter a new environment with only self-interest."

CVM TV had many challenges, one of which was content development and effective execution. With limited resources and people, my initial approach was to create what we could from scratch and utilize stock templates that we would modify to fit with the CVM brand identity. The examples below are a bit of both.

We started getting the desired attention from changes to the timestamp, weather opening montage, channel ID and DOGS, celebratory/holiday ads, and on-screen promos. We also got noticed for our COVID19 visual updates.

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