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It's nice to imagine that a company with a logo a tagline and possibly a great fanbase is all that’s needed, while we aim to create a visual language that speaks volumes for the brand, Fersan will need more.

Consumers will need to build a relationship with Fersan. They will need to fall in love with the brand and the premium products it offers. They will need to see themselves as a willing member in its progress.

Business development is a must, the products and services of the company must be defined.

Fersan is a well-known fertilizer brand, and at the time I was approached, it had the second-largest market share. A very loyal customer base, interestingly, is not the most tech-savvy.

The names of products and services by Fersan, often align with these customers. More rural areas of Jamaica, farming communities. Fersan understood its customers, but the brand was not consistent in its communication and representation.

Normally, once a new brand direction is settled upon, an embarkment of the massive undertaking to redesign and re-imagine the brand’s website would begin. Which may include, migrating an existing site to a completely custom Net-based CMS. There may be numerous systems that need to talk to the website in order to facilitate a seamless customer experience, including their CRM, product database, employee directory, ordering and delivery systems, and financial reporting systems.


The end result can be a site where any customer can log on from any type of device and connect with the brand. However, the majority of Fersan's customers were not those people, they were more hands-on, and direct communication was key to brand positioning.

What Fersan is, is simple, consultants for farmers and home growers. The company sells fertilizer and offers consultation by prescribing precise nutrition to determine how much nutrient is needed to supply the right amount of nutrients to crops to obtain the highest possible yields. It exists on th island of Jamaica, though not its original birthplace, it has managed to make enormous investments in its factory and product and business development efforts, allowing it to become the second largest in the fertilizer market.

At the time, it has been in operation for over 10 years. And it has been providing viable solutions for farmers and their crops without simply “selling a bag of fertilizer.”

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