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What is
so special about oats?

The challenge of the creative concept was to combine all key aspects: agriculture, business, product development, consumer health benefits, and the deliciousness of oats in a meaningful visual manner. The other challenge was communicating the key sales arguments in the most condensed form from the field to the table. The pre-existing iconic illustration/mascot with refreshed typography and richer colours were chosen to be the key elements of the visual identity. The logotype is authentic, sentimental, and nostalgic and in its own way regal, visually rich, and delicious. Finally, the colours used in this concept are all relatively the same as the current packaging to retain the original identity and sensibilities. The aim is to maintain familiarity with the consumer whilst presenting a refreshed identity.

Foska oats box original and current packaging.png

With oats being a super grain, Foska has a good quality product. An easy sell would be the boasting of vitamin B, minerals, muscle-building protein, and its natural fibers that help to reduce the cholesterol level in the bloodstream. Who would not want this product, especially in today’s ever-growing health-conscious society?

However, innovation gives birth to challengers. This leads to a competitive market and new pockets. While the faithful consumer buys into Foska Oats, a new generation arrives and is not only trying to be healthier but also seeking to experience being part of a lifestyle. For them Oats from any brand is the same, it’s oats.

The brand is not the company.

Many products are identified by their brand names, such as Levi’s (instead of jeans), Kleenex (instead of tissue), or Band-Aid (instead of adhesive bandages). A brand distinguishes “the goods of one producer from those of another” (Kotler & Keller, 2009). Differentiation.

Family brand. Connections to home, rich history, healthy, contemporary and minimal, bold and iconic.
Safe alternates were also developed to be closer to the original identity.
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