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JN Bank

Founded in 1874, and owned and managed by the parent organization: JN Financial Group Ltd. and subsidiary: JN Cayman Ltd., JN Bank has been a fixture in Jamaica as the country’s first mutually-owned commercial bank, 100 percent held by its savers and borrowers.

I was approached in 2015 to help with rebranding the bank for an upcoming merger for all entities under one name JN Group Ltd.


The approach was to identify and leverage existing assets and utilize minimal thinking, and simple design, imagery, and typography. The aim was to highlight the experience and reputation of the bank. Though the engagement did not follow the invitation due to internal challenges with the bank, the overall intent was presented along with advertising concepts.

The aim of these concepts:

  • To develop templates that work across all media.

  • Branding and Marketing.

  • This presentation was for review purposes and does not necessarily define creative strategies.

  • Proposed templates for print ads, posters, etc., and web and other marketing efforts.

  • Concepts to be developed further and refined to better fit with the bank’s personality.

​The JN Bank logo was beautifully crafted and has been a longstanding symbol, I only aimed to use it in a more sophisticated structure than it's normally used, but my observation.

The sign-off is essentially the signature of your ad posters, etc. The very last item at the bottom of ad materials should have basic info along with the brand logo. In this case, a right alignment is being used, along with various logos for JN Group entities, while maintaining the same structure.

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