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Brand consultant, Strategic advisor, and International Design, Brand & Marketing Judge.

My focus lies in seeking out companies and opportunities that foster a seamless integration between research and development, innovation, and brand design and development. This leads to meaningful business outcomes, advertising, and marketing output in areas such as packaging design, store design, events, and a holistic approach to experience design and other consumer-facing engagements. My interests primarily lie in the Manufacturing, Consumer goods, and Fintech industries, where I apply my knowledge, innovation, and effective service delivery to ensure my clients' continued success.

As a premium consulting firm, I specialize in providing brand communications and design services to selected prospective clients in specific verticals, centered around Manufacturing, Consumer goods, and the Fintech industry. My ultimate goal is to become a recognized industry leader in Brand Design and development and business consulting services.

I aim to offer investment options that target brand buy-ins and ownership, with a focus on Research and Development to fuel innovation in Tech, Manufacturing and Packaging, and Business & Product development. My marketing philosophy is grounded in great thinking and human impact, with a strong emphasis on solutions heavily embedded in research and development.

My brand positioning is a result of the work done and partnerships with highly selected clients. I aim to become so desirable that profit comes not only from financial niche clients but also from internal investments, allowing me to invest in startups that lack funding for great ideas - Equity creation and management. I rely on fitting relationships rather than advertising myself, presenting solutions that attract clients.

Making a difference to humanity is not void of being profit-driven.

“Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is King”

– Alan Miltz

To be sustainable, self-sufficiency is key, and one must establish Business, Authority, Opportunity, and Time value. Always show the benefits and value of brand design and development, holistically, as a valuable investment.


Simplified positioning

PjClayton & Co. is a Brand-focused Business solutions consulting firm that partners with agencies and private organizations.

What I boldly practice for myself, I also extend to clients


The three main functions that form the core of input and output are Creative Development, Design and Testing, and Business and Marketing.


  • Sustainable funding source - Partnerships and revenue.

  • Determine appropriate percentages for each component.

Numerous ideas emerge daily, and it is wise to discern the ones that hold promise. Enable access to talented individuals and empower them to delve into their passions, uncovering avenues to finance this exploratory journey, all while overseeing internal growth and client acquisitions.

Facilitate connections with manufacturers, design and prototyping firms, and shift towards a more concentrated focus on developing innovative solutions for both minor and major challenges. Introduce these solutions to the market and attract clients who value a results-oriented mindset and seek to make a positive impact on society. Naturally, each company has its own clientele, and this approach will be implemented selectively, addressing business and brand issues for those specific clients.



  • Aligning brand strategy with business objectives.

  • Developing the tools and assets needed to communicate the brand.

  • Strengthening newly developed or updated brand.


Brand Development Strategy

  • Interrogate overall business strategy

  • Identify target clients

  • Research target client group

  • Develop brand positioning

  • Develop messaging strategy

  • Develop name, logo, and tagline

  • Develop content marketing strategy

  • Develop website

  • Build marketing toolkit

  • Implement, track, and adjust


Brand Awareness Strategy

  • Blog posts or guest blog for other sites

  • Create shareable infographics

  • Improve SEO with user-intent related keywords

  • Maximize organic social media presence

  • Define the brand voice

  • Start a podcast

  • Brand partnerships?

  • What can be given away for free? 


Enhance and capitalize on an established brand awareness strategy to maximize its effectiveness and impact.


Six Keys to Successful Strategic Planning:


Eyes Wide Open: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the industry.


Familiarize Ourselves: Identify our key strengths and weaknesses without any unnecessary embellishments.


Broaden Our Horizons: Extend our reach beyond our limited focus. It is crucial to involve a diverse range of brilliant minds.


Embrace Innovation: Emulate successful practices from other industries and analyze how they overcame obstacles.


Take Action: Prioritize and create a detailed implementation plan. Concentrate on achieving short-term goals promptly. Adapt as we progress.


Monitor Advancements: Ensure a thorough comprehension of the factors driving change. Keep a close eye on the progress being made and effectively communicate any modifications.


Four primary objectives:

  • Awareness

  • Knowledge

  • Commitment

  • Supply Chain Management


The aim of this manifesto is to offer a top-level, managerial summary of PjClayton & Co., a company that specializes in delivering top-notch Brand Design and Development, as well as Business consulting services to a carefully chosen group of potential clients, with a focus on Tech, Manufacturing and packaging, and Business and product development.

Who the hell is this?

I am Phillip J. Clayton, commonly known as PJ. I am a certified and verified Brand Consultant, Strategic Advisor, and International Brand and Marketing Judge.

My background in fine art laid the foundation for my career, but my true purpose lies in design. With over 20+ years of experience in various creative roles, including Creative Director, Associate Creative Director, Art Director, and Marketing/Brand Officer, I believe I am an exceptional candidate who can bring value to your company. Whether as an external or internal consultant, on a short or long-term contract.

My expertise revolves around Art and design, Brand Design and development, Packaging Design, Business, and Product Development, Advertising, and Marketing: Vision; Strategy; Identity; Experiences, and Design Solutions. I adopt a holistic approach to deliver outstanding solutions that drive business results. My focus has always been on cultivating strategic relationships to develop high-quality business solutions that have a significant impact on brand design and development. This is not just a service I provide, but a practice I follow.

Furthermore, I am also a writer and a member of the PAC Global Leadership Awards International Judging Commission. I take pride in being a part of PAC IOU (Inclusive Opportunities & Universal Design).

I am particularly interested in companies that prioritize a seamless integration between research and development (R&D), innovation, and brand design and development. This integration ultimately leads to successful business outcomes, advertising, and marketing efforts. I am passionate about areas such as packaging design, store design, events, and a comprehensive approach to experience design and other consumer-facing interactions.


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