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The Resolution Project.

The JN Resolution Project is an entity under the JN Foundation. It provides an opportunity for Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora to tell their stories through photography. Jn Foundation had the desire to turn the Resolution Project into a social enterprise so that it could become sustainable.

The approach was to dive into business and product development which will provide the ability to transform the charity into a business for profit. This will create an opportunity to become self-sustainable and establish a brand identity.

We did not want to remove or change the name Resolution Project, but we needed to create an independent brand while also rebranding the Resolution Project.


The word resolution is defined by its purpose, thus creating a double entendre in the Resolution Project.

Resolution can be interpreted as a reference to the pixels within an image taken with a camera while implying finding solutions to motivate the youth of Jamaica into a positive direction, which is the ultimate purpose of the Resolution Project.

The [EYE-D]ENTITY was born by way of our exploration into photography and what the photographs really represented for the people who took these images.

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