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Hailing from a distinct cloud.

SCHiZO is a brand that merges art, design, and fashion expression to create a unique lifestyle. The brand believes that art should not be limited to traditional institutions and channels, but should be accessible to everyone. SCHiZO offers intelligently designed products and services that are wearable art. The brand was first introduced in Japan in 2012 and showcased signature designs that were influenced by skateboarding culture, party lifestyles, and extraordinary people. The brand quickly gained popularity across the world, especially in extreme sports and party scenes in the UK, US, and Switzerland. The founder of SCHiZO, Phillip J. Clayton, was inspired by his college years, where he enjoyed creating and hanging out with his friends. The brand is a dedication to the mental freedom that lifestyle afforded him.

"The launch of the brand is dedicated to and influenced by the skateboarding, party, art, and design scenes I experienced and dominated throughout my college years. Back in University, I enjoyed creating and hanging out with my friends. As an adult, I've missed the mental freedom that that lifestyle afforded me. " - SCHiZO owner and founder, Phillip J. Clayton.

“I am incredibly excited to introduce the SCHiZO brand to the world. Today its potential is being realized. Premiering in the US market during Art Basel, is just the tip of the iceberg for the brand.” said Phillip.

As a lifestyle brand that focuses on art and design, SCHiZO is committed to promoting mental health awareness. The brand's mission is to raise awareness and provide support to organizations that assist individuals facing mental health challenges, by organizing creative workshops and making donations. The inclusive SCHiZO collection can be pre-ordered and purchased in the United States through the e-boutique: Additionally, the brand will soon be partnering with select brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Stay tuned for further updates.

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