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As a process,
Brand Design & Development
asks deliciously
complex questions
but is simple in
its intent.

Brand Definition
& Positioning.

I primarily focus on Brand and Marketing which can be a range

of services and solutions through strategic global relationships: Business and product development; Brand design and development; Strategic partnerships; Marketing; Advertising; Packaging design; Creative development in Art and Design; Events and Experiences; Team curation; Digital asset management, Technology Deployment, and Optimization.


I not only help companies build better relationships with their consumers and clients, I also help those companies streamline themselves and build better relationships with their people from the inside out.


Note: Bootstrappers and pre-seed startups. For most startups at this stage, your goal is to establish a proof of concept that can show product/market fit and bring investor dollars. You may only need a logo, website, and basic brand positioning. Isla Murray, Creative Director and Cofounder at Lama Six, also recommends investing your money in designing a beautiful deck: “It will set you apart and allow your message to shine through.”

I have partners and professional relationships who may be able to assist with lower engagements that I am happy to work with or recommend to help guide your startup in business and product development. All the way through to brand design and development.

In order to provide world-class service, I need to employ world-class talent. I always perceive talent as people, not commodities, I believe in having the best people for every project. As you might imagine, access to these people is not cheap. I pride myself on paying people well.

I prefer to work with clients who

are ready to bring on agency-level partnerships. But it’s also, if not mostly, about the numbers, profit.

Without profit, no business can survive - as Alan Miltz said, “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is King.”

Clients eager to partner with me, and get the time, energy, and attention of myself and team – we require a minimum monthly retainer based on project requirements.

Upfront consulting fee:
I charge a standard consulting fee for my first meeting, which should be paid before the meeting. This is for my time which is usually for 1 to 2 hrs to discuss your needs, expectations and to see if we are a good fit. You can always work with someone else but your time with me and any shared value would have been paid for. 

Initial payment - project proposal:
Approach, Process, intent, estimated timelines, and phases, required project


A signed agreement is required to begin:
An overall project cost will be defined and will require a 50% deposit or a stipulated initial payment.


  1. Aligning brand strategy with business objectives.

  2. Developing the tools and assets needed to communicate the brand.

  3. Strengthening newly developed or updated brand.


  • Define overall business strategy.

  • Identify target clients.

  • Research target client group.

  • Develop brand positioning.

  • Develop messaging strategy.

  • Develop visual identity: name, logo and tagline etc.

  • Develop content marketing strategy.

  • Develop website.

  • Build marketing toolkit.

  • Implement, track, and adjust.

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