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As a process,
Brand Design & Development
asks deliciously
complex questions
but is simple in
its intent.

I am typically interested in and looking for companies or opportunities that allow for a seamless relationship between research and development (R&D), innovation, and brand design and development. Leading to meaningful business, advertising, and marketing output in packaging design, store design, events, and a holistic view of experience design, and other consumer-facing engagements.

Primarily: Manufacturing, Consumer goods, and the Fintech industry. Through the application of knowledge, innovation, business relationships, effective service delivery, and clients' continued success.

I am a Brand-focused, Business solutions consultant, I work with agencies and private organizations.

Brand Definition
& Positioning.

I primarily focus on Brand and Marketing which can be a range

of services and solutions through strategic global relationships: Business and product development; Brand design and development; Strategic partnerships; Marketing; Advertising; Packaging design; Creative development in Art and Design; Events and Experiences; Team curation; Digital asset management, Technology Deployment, and Optimization.

Ultimately, the intent is to develop strategy for long-term success, managing an enterprise at an operational level, and integration of offshore capabilities.


I not only help companies build better relationships with their consumers and clients, I also help those companies streamline themselves and build better relationships with their people from the inside out.

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